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GROUPLOVE would like to thank


Trevor and Shelley Rabin, Alan and Phyllis Berger, Matt Wessen, Tasos Taiganides, Nikos Kounenakis, everyone in Avdou, Crete, for taking us in that fateful summer of 2008, Ben and Nicky, Ian Laughton, Gary Farrell, Jordan Bahat and Toy Human, Ryan McMahon, Hooper Country, Fred and Ann, Deborah and Ron, The Wessen's, The Gadd's, Will Street, James Passmore, Derek Davies, Lizzy Plapinger, Neon Gold, Syd Spencer, Alex Walker, Paul DeCourcey, Alex Charpentier, Ethan J Edwin Scott, Molly Mankiewicz, James Nicholson, Amberlie Bankoff and Black Flamingo, Chris Vick and Kimi Recor, Jenna Adler, Kyle Wilensky, Pete Nash and Simon Tagestam, Steve Ralbovsky, Sam Riback, Jack Hedges, Joanna Katz, Dan Chertoff, Glenn Fukushima, Gurj Bassi, Jeremy Kutner, Elliot Groffman, Gillian Bar, Allie Bailey, Max Lutkin, Roz Mansfield, Lyor Cohen, Julie Greenwald, Craig Kallman Ron Poore, Gary Gorman, Brian Corona, Catharine McNelly, Briana Dougherty, Kristy Gibson, Andrea Ganis, Paul Piticco, Nicole Huber, Ashley Keiser, Graham Maclay, Uncle Larry, Steve Landau, Richard Nguyen, Greg Sowders, Marc Wilson, Zvi Edelman, Ryan Gilligan and Michael Brauer, Greg Calbi, Chris Fudurich, Erik Steigen, Provident Financial, Beckie Shuttleworth, John "Zipp" Mcneil, Nick Stern and Los Angeles California.

Andrew Wessen would like to thank:

I'd like to first thank my family. Mom, you are truly the most incredible human being. You have been there for me every step of the way, always selflessly giving of yourself and helping me to look at things in a positive light. I cannot thank you enough for your love and constant support. Dad, I cannot think of a more generous man in the world and I have always admired your work ethic and your amazing sense of humor. A kid could not have better parents than you guys. I promise I'll get a real haircut one day!

Matt, I have always looked up to you and admired your individuality and creativity. Thanks for always supporting me and giving me so many opportunities along the way. Setting up the commune in Greece where Grouplove met is just one of the many ways in which you have helped shape my life. I owe so much to you, I love you bro!

I'd like to thank my Grandma, Charlotte Mae, who inspired me so early in life my with her incredible piano playing. The memories of sitting on her lap watching her fingers fly across the keys are some of the very first moments in which music became awe inspiring to me.

I'd like to thank the Julias family, especialy Uncle Chris who was taken from us far too early. You will always be remembered for your generosity and warmth. I miss you every single day.

A big thanks to the Albertson family and Wiser Family. You are all such special people in my life.

I especially want to thank Trevor and Shelley Rabin, my 2nd parents. Trevor, since Ryan and I first began playing music together years ago you have always helped foster our creativity and supported our every musical endeavor. I would not be where I am without your guidance and your incredible generosity. You have and will always be my musical mentor. Shelley, you are a beam of sunshine who always brightens up my day. Thanks for being our collective mother and for supporting us without asking for anything in return. I love you guys.

To my bandmates/soulmates, Zuccs, Hoops, Ry Ry and Seany, it's been an amazing ride and the best years of my life. You guys are my new family now and I love you all dearly.

Thanks Ben and Nicky! You guys have been through thick and thin with us. Thanks for always being there for me when I've needed you. You guys are dear friends and incredible managers.

Max, you are my best friend. We've been through everything together and i'll never forget your encouragement over the years. I love you dude.

McMahon, thanks for being an amazing friend. You are talented beyond words, you are a vigilante, a hero, you are... well, you know haha.

Charlie aka Smitty aka Charles Gnarles, thanks for being the radical and creative person you are. You have always inspired me with your rediculous antics.

Tas, thanks for everything, especially your effort putting together the Ikarus Artist Commune. I will never forget what you've done.

Thanks: Uncle Adrian, Cousin Steven, Aunt Ginny and Uncle Bill, Sally & Richard, and my dear Aunt Darrilyn

Thanks to my dear friends: Caroline, Jeff, Tyler, Lennon, Stephen, Anna, Austen, Graham, Sarah, Cameron, Gillette, Spenny G, Sophia, Tessa, Mike and Marko Petrakis, Spencer Robinson, Tom Shapiro, Russ, Albee, Syd, Sam, Becky, Barretta, Kyly, Mikey and all the Topanga, Venice, Malibu and C House Critters, Andy Lyons, Nate, Barney, Timmy O, the Marshall Bros, Litz, Farmer Dave, Patrick Hildebrande, Colin, my doggies Darla May and Sophie, and all the amazing people I've met along the way.

Ryan Rabin would like to thank:

Mom, Dad, Solly, Basil, Kelly, Rompy and Maya.

Kyly, Jayne, Landon and Myles.

Godfrey, Joy Joy, Joansie and Aubrey.

Derek, Laraine, Danielle, Adam, Jaclyn, Dinet and Piaaano.

Mandy, Steve, Indiana, Ilan, Gabriella, Linzi and Rose.

Gary, Sue, Camilla, and Adrian.

Danalee, Danny and Dylan.

Terry-Ann, Mark, Montana and Dakota.

Ryan McMahon, Jordan Bahat, Ally Ruddy, Danny Shapiro, Justin Orr, Sam Teller, Becky White, Alex Black, Bryce Goodman, Jordan Passman, Colin Stutz, Sarah Chernoff, Mandy Freiberg, Sophie De Selliers, David Lee, Jon Baron and all of my CEE, HW and USC family.

Ben, Nicky, Alan and Phyllis Berger.

Caren Banks and Danny "nose job" Banks.

Paul Linford.

Paul, Andrea and Nicolas Dobbe.

Peter, Megan and Atticus.

Denis Raeburn, Roy and Charmion and Sasha Raeburn.

Lou and Mary Molino.

Neil, Debbie, Genna, Ricci, Courtneigh, Liv, Michael and the rest of the Cloud family.

Ronnie Robot, Dean and Terri Friedman.

Carli, Shira, Glenn and Eric Goldblum.

Guy Rabinowitz and the entire Rabinowitz family, Nof Ginosar, Israel reunion!

Charlotte and Zach and the whole Abroms crew.

Christopher Fudurich, Canada.

Kevin Kusatsu.

Erik Steigen and 2850 Music.

D-Shap, J-Orr, Josh Glucoft, Steven Garen and Peter Leahey for Eurotrip 2008.

Graham, Max, Austen and The Outline.

Greg Sowders.

Mark Goldstein.

Cliff and Adam and the Firooz Family.

Eligia and family.

John and Laurent.

Johannesburg and Capetown, the Springboks and Bafana Bafana.

Manchester United for being the best football team in the world.

Evans Drumheads.

LA Lakers for being the best basketball team in the world.

Pizza Nista.

The Gorbal's sticky toffee pudding.

Los Angeles.

Hannah Hooper would like to thank:

I am nothing without any of you- Mum, Dad, Nate, Rachie, Greg, Natalie, Piper, Oz Farm, Memo and Papa, Woodside memories, Auntie Margo, Alix & Alden, Mamie and Grandpa, Trina & KC, Aunt Vicki & Uncle Phil, Margaret Warner, Paul & Jess, my girls- Milena, Caroline, Claire and Kaylie, Kurt Cobain, The Berger's, Ethan, the dollhouse- Kimi, Chris and Amo, Stevie Nicks, Auntie Helen and Uncle Pete, Syd & Lou, 21 Wolden Rd, Jessica Rabbit, Finn and Joe Cupps, DD's, Bedstuy, Kliegman & Creed, Canal street, pink pearls, Julian & Bob, Tom Richardson, Andy & Alex Hawgood, Kyly Zakheim, Jilleen, Sandra, making art, Mary Jane, James Gillespie, insomnia, my best friends/ bandmates and their incredible families and The Love of my life- MY BOOBIE.

Sean Gadd would like to thank:

I would like to thank My Mum and lil' Sis Lucy. My Dad, Kate and lil bro Liam. Thanks for always being there. Thanks to my big bro James, and my nephews James and Lou. My family from Northhampton, it's great to be now seeing you guy's at shows. All my family in West London, Ireland or wherever in the world you are. My friends, Sydney Spencer and the Spencer family. Samir Yakoubi, Paul Benjamin, Errol Ettienne, Anthony Giancola, Chris Pearson, Tara Shaw, Kyly Zakheim, Eagle, Megan Sutherland, Christine Shuttleworth for giving me somewhere to live and believing in me. Thanks to all my friends families. Thanks to my oldest friend, Danny Green and his family, your folks are dearly missed, they did a lot for me and my bro in those early years.
Thanks to all the bands, artists, musicians, movie makers, writers and entertainers that have influenced me in my life.
Thanks to Shepherds Bush for being a big part of who i am and to QPR for being my team.
Thanks to anyone I've shared a nice moment with and has made me smile at one point or another.
Thank you to my band and managers, Ben and Nicky Berger, to their family's and everyone that made it possible for me to live in America and live out my dreams.
Thank you to Beckie Shuttleworth. For everything x

Christian Zucconi would like to thank:

My Mom, Deborah Joyce - the most beautiful woman in the world, my loving and steady as a rock Pops - Fred Zucconi, and my ever so inspirational big brother Bill - for forever being by my side in love and support . Ann Zucconi, Ron Cuccaro, Rebecca, Dante, Theo, and Geneva Zucconi, Jon Lipow, Donna, Larry and Sarah Brennan, Jean, Roy, Erik and Adam Libonati, William " Papa", and Elizabeth Joyce, Nonno Ennio and Nonna Eugenia Zucconi, Paul, Jessica and Colin DeCourcey, Alex Charpentier, and Alex Walker - ALOKE, Nicole Vicius, John Boyd, Neel Agrawal, David and Anya Phelan, Todd Witkin, Richard Berta, Dave Nurmi, Brad Farrell, Henry Voelker, Mikey Moriarty, Christopher Carcich, Ray, Loretta, Greg and Mariah Karpavicius, Chris and Jaime Blauvelt, Jason and Cory McCormick, Jimmy Sutherland, James Gillespie, Ryan Donowho, Mike Pitt, Rodrigo Lopresti, Vic Lazar, John and Matt Lebozza, Tim and Lauren Jones, Matt Creed, Erin Wasson, Noelle Nevolo, Anthony Kapfer, Bentley Addison Wood, Kyly Zakheim, Greenpoint, Scituate, Bed-Stuy, All the Hoopers, my loving bandmates and their families, Gary, George and Meredith Schwindt, Kurt, Ian, and Frank, and the love of my life, Hannah. Thank you all for helping me get here. xoxo

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