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TokBox Webcast Highlights

  • TokBox Webcast Highlights

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on Dec 20, 2011


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Well. You just don't come close enough so I can see you in concert, and that's really TOO BAD. OMG. I'm so jealous. Now I know you because of Z!NK and I asked your CD for my birthday and OMG WHY DIDN'T I JUST GOT TO BECOME FAN OF YOU *BEFORE*. OMG. I just love you. I just LOVE you. Now I want you to come in my city or at Montreal or I don't know. But this is great. You are great. I love you.

GrouploveLovesMe's picture

This makes me five times more excited for you coming to Burlington Vermont in March. Did I say five? Okay ten times. I love you guys.

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Hah! They all are like 'Oh my God aaaaaaaa oh my God' So funny

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DrewLovesGroups's picture

Wow this is cool, i'm jealous.

DrewLovesGroups's picture

Wow this is cool, i'm jealous.

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Ahhhhhh!! that's me at :59 seconds in!!! wooo!!! :D greatest minutes of my life! :D

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